Community weighs in on new Fremont School building plans

Community weighs in on new Fremont School building plans

FREMONT, OH (WTOL) - Residents in Fremont pitched in to help design their child's future school building Thursday.

Design Architecture will be designing the future new Ross High School in Fremont, but they are working to keep the community involved in the process.

TDA representatives showed residents multiple examples of other schools they worked on and allowed them to give their input.

"Perspective. I don't see the school the same way the bus driver does. I don't see the same school that a 2nd grader does. We have some second graders here. So, everybody brings their point of view so we don't miss anything, we only get one shot to do this and we've got to do it right the first time," said FCS Superintendent Jon Detwiler.

The idea is that meetings like these can give the architects a clearer idea of what the community wants. It also works to plan for the future, as these buildings are expected to be mainstays of the community for decades to come

"We believe that public schools are public pieces if architecture, they're paid for by tax payers, so we want them to reflect their communities not necessarily their designer is the most important thing,"  said Chris Smith with Then Design Architecture. "At the end of the day, we hope that it's them, it's the community that says they designed their building."

The new Ross High School is set to be complete in Fall of 2021, and the four new elementary buildings are to be completed in 2022.

After Thursday's meeting, the district will then meet again in January to take all of these ideas they collected here today and begin implementing them into the planning process moving forward.

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