Travelers still take to the snowy roads

Travelers still take to the snowy roads

MONROE, MI (WTOL) - There is little doubt that there was some serious weather Wednesday in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

But those that live and work in the area know it is a way of life and were out driving in it.

The perspective from a few of those travelers passing through the Michigan Welcome Center in Monroe varied.

While most agree the snow affects the roads, they differed on whether it would affect their travel plans.

Cora and Corbin Pinter were headed back from vacationing with their parents at Kalahari in Sandusky, where they enjoyed the warmth of the arcade.

The Pinters were on the road for two hours and could not wait to get off the road and out of the snow.

"It was snowing and we had to drive slow," Cora Pinter said. "There was one car crash on the way. One car hit the rail."

Bryan McPherson is a touring musician. He says the snow may be an inconvenience, but it would not stop him.

"It's not too bad. You know, it's a little sloppy but so far, so good," McPherson said. "I have a new Prius so I was a little concerned about driving in the snow but it's handling pretty well."

McPherson is playing at The Rockery in Wyandotte, entertaining all those willing to brave the storm.

Last night's gig was in Celina, and he wanted to get a jump on the expected slower than usual evening rush hour. More seasoned drivers cited worse storms and didn't seem too concerned.

James Chiado was headed back from working in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He said most of the bad weather was on the tail end of his trip.

"It wasn't super bad," Chiado said. "We had a little bit everybody slowed down a little bit and it was, the roads were perfect up until I hit the Michigan border and then for some reason they don't want to get out before actually there's a few accidents. Probably give it another couple hours and then we'll see."

Nancy Geisel was excited to be on the road despite the conditions. She was headed up to pull grandma duty for a few days while her kids got a break.

"It's just been slow going," Geisel said. "We're coming for close to Cleveland so it's a ways but it's just slow going, that's all. So tell everybody be safe and Merry Christmas!"

Whenever there is snow, be extra cautious and take your time to get home safe. It's always better to play it safe and take it slow, no matter what.

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