City crews, residents prep for yet another winter

City crews, residents prep for yet another winter

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - With the first snow of the season, Toledo officials and residents alike are preparing for a busy winter.

City crews worked for about 12 hours converting trucks from leaf collectors into snow plows.

Crews are focusing on the main roads in the city including Central Avenue and Monroe Street. They will likely get to other side roads Thursday. Crews are using salt brine to prep roads then putting an additional layer of salt on top.

As snows fall, crews will continue to clear the road, passing through the same routes.

"Right now our priorities are Phase On, Two, and Three routes," Jeremy Mikolajczyk, commissioner of the Street, Bridges and Harbor, said. "So we'll continue on Phase One and Two until we can get those clear. Then we will move on to our Phase Three. That may take up into Saturday it could take us up to Sunday."

With the chance that residential streets will be slippery for the next several days, some Toledo residents are calling on others to be aware.

"I just want people to be careful out here in this weather," Toledo resident Bruce McMillan said. "They don't slip and slide and run into each other. Keep you sidewalks clean, which I have to clean mine very soon."

The city does have a code mandating homeowners shovel their sidewalk within 24 hours of snowfall. The city also recommends avoid parking on the streets.

Despite the city's effort, there are three ZIP codes that have not had leaf pick up. It will be at least a week or more until the city can return to leaf pick up.

Mikolajczyk says warm summer in Toledo is the cause for the late pick up.

"It is that time of year when we struggle with Mother Nature," Jeremy Mikolajczyk. "We understand there are still a lot of leaves out there. We're not going to forget about those leaves. The second we get a chance to switch back over we're planning on picking up right where we left off."

Mikolajczyk says if you live on a street where there are still piles of leaves, you will need to avoid parking on the street to ensure the plows can get around.

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