Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge: Christmas Case Race

Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge: Christmas Case Race
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Between Thanksgiving and trying to stay on track in December, WTOL's Kelly Heidbreder has come up with reindeer games with a twist for the Christmas Case Race that'll keep challengers active.

They have to take two pallets of canned food and carry each 26 pound case through an obstacle course.

First stop is the step ups.

They have to put both feet up and both feet down on this step while carrying the case of food.

Next, they run to the upper body station. They set the case down, and pick up two dumbells. They lift them over their heads 15 times, then pick up their case and run toward the front desk.

The third obstacle is box squats. They have to sit on this box and stand up 15 times, still holding the 26 pounds of canned food.

Staying fit this winter can be fun and convenient.

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