Toledoans react to possible legalization of recreational marijuana

Toledoans react to possible legalization of recreational marijuana

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Next fall you could be voting to legalize recreational marijuana here in Ohio and according to our poll online most of you would vote "yes."

Over 4,000 of you voted as of Tuesday night and a whopping 92 percent of voters said they're in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana in the state.

Right now, a group is pushing a campaign to amend the Ohio Constitution to allow for 'adult-use' of marijuana. The proposal, "Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol," would make growing, processing, possessing, selling and using marijuana legal.

It would be for those 21 years or older and control production and distribution of the drug.

"Me personally, I'm for more legal," said Leigh Meggitt, a supporter of the legalization of marijuana. "The more free that we can have the world the better."

Several in Downtown Toledo Tuesday night said they believe the amendment to regulate marijuana like alcohol is good and if on their ballot, they would vote for it.

"From the economic side of things I think it can really put a big boom in Toledo," said Justin Samson, a supporter of the proposed amendment. "Toledo desperately needs some kind of income coming in and I think that could do a great job. People are going to smoke weed regardless if it's legal or not and if it's legal it's going to make it much safer because now we are going to start regulating it."

"It would allow safer sources for it so people aren't having to do it illegally," said Meggitt. "They'll know exactly what they are getting, that it hasn't been laced, hasn't been messed with, that it's been grown properly with no harmful pesticides, you know, these things would be knowable then."

Some of you however voiced concerns on our Facebook.

"Never! We don't need more impaired drivers on the road." And David says, "I say no just because the younger kids these days make it look bad for people that really need it," said Gene, a Facebook user.

"This isn't just about morality," said Sean Nestor, co-chair of the Lucas County Green Party and campaign manager of the 2015 sensible marijuana ordinance. "It's about the law and I think most people are framing this as should it be illegal? Should somebody have to go to prison simply for possessing it. I think most people understand that that's really not where we want to be."

Sean Nestor successfully worked to decriminalize marijuana here in Toledo and believes this is a positive step forward, but he's cautiously optimistic and waiting for the final draft of the amendment.

"Based on the bullet points it looks good, but you always want to find the details," said Nestor. "The devil is in the details."

He believes this is something you should continue to look into and follow through the entire process. The amendment will be filed with its final language to the attorney general in January with the filing deadline coming in July of 2018.

We wanted to dig a little bit deeper into this proposed amendment to regulate recreational marijuana.

The two people who are pushing for this change say their plan wouldn't get rid of the state's medical marijuana program.

They're also calling for 'local control' meaning cities and townships can approve the number of commercial marijuana businesses in the community.

There's also limitations on where facilities can be including not within 500 feet of a school or a day care.

The entire proposal can be found below.


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