Money Talks News: Awesome holiday drink hacks

Money Talks News - Are you going to have a lot of people over for the holidays? Well there are some tips to help take your party to the next level.

You can first start by getting creative with the cocktails.

Forget about playing bartender at your holiday party. Pre-make signature cocktails in mini mason jars over ice and then your guest can help themselves.

Get creative with cotton candy, it makes a gorgeous garnish for your bubbly. Or turn your champagne into a festive holiday treat by filling your glass with cotton candy and pouring champagne over. The presentation is fantastic.

Transform classic drinks into holiday cocktails just by adding a colored sugar rim. Your guests will be so impressed.

Use leftover coffee to make ice cubes for your white Russian. Your drink will never get watered down.

Freeze cranberry into an ice tray for a pop of holiday color in your ice bucket.

Now that's  some advice you can definitely toast to. Cheers. There are more tips upgrade your holiday party waiting for you at the Money Talks News Website.

Just search for Holiday Drink Hacks.

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