Toledo working to become a smart city

Toledo working to become a smart city

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo is continuing its efforts in becoming a "smart city." The city has already started doing do by installing new LED street lights to become more energy efficient.

Toledo City Council wants to expand this idea throughout the entire city by approving an assessment at their meeting Tuesday.

The next phase will cost $400,000. This includes installing some of the lights around the city. Council members said they're bringing in outside help for assistance.

"We want to explore all options, so we've hired one of the best consultants in this space to develop a plan for the city of Toledo. It will probably take quite a few months but then they'll come back to city and say here are your best options," said

Becoming a smart city does not only deal with lights. There are bigger plans for Toledo such as making the light poles have wifi accessibility for Toledo neighborhoods.

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