Terra State and Heidelberg University partner to offer Bachelors in Nursing

Terra State and Heidelberg University partner to offer Bachelors in Nursing

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A new nursing program will be available locally through a partnership between two local colleges.

The partnership between Terra State Community College and Heidleberg University will allow both schools to offer more for their students.

Currently, Terra offers a two-year associates degree in Nursing, while Heidelberg has no nursing program offered.

"What it does is it allows the both of the institutions to use the skill sets that they bring to the table and save costs on students without duplicating programs," said Terra State Community College president Dr. Jerome Webster.

The program will have Freshmen take introductory classes at Heidelberg, then two years of technical classes at Terra. Then the students will finish up with one more year at Heidelberg.

The Bachelors degree in nursing is highly sought by hiring hospitals and clinics, and would open up more opportunities for the graduates.

"Hospitals are looking for their staff to have their bachelors degree, but it also allows them to consider the Masters degree. And leadership positions and administrative positions at hospitals, there is a great need for that as well," said Heidelberg University provost Beth Schwartz.

Current students at both schools can jump into the new program right away as well. And in their 4th year of the program, students will be able to work in the nursing field with their associates degree from Terra.

The new joint partnership nursing program begins next Fall semester.

Anyone who is interested, can contact either Terra State or Heidelberg University's admissions departments.

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