Spread The Love Toledo: One woman encouraging others to give love

Spread The Love Toledo: One woman encouraging others to give love

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - One person has taken it upon herself to "spread the love" in Toledo.

She's leaving small gifts to brighten someone's day and encouraging them to pass on the random act of kindness.

"Just one day I thought to myself 'you know I wonder if I can do something nice for someone else'," said "A," as she asked to be called.

She started "Spread The Love Toledo," not for herself, but for the city she loves.  That's the reason why she wants to remain anonymous.

She wanted a way to document her urban giving initiative, so she started the "Spread The Love Toledo" Instagram account.

"You can live your life and do nice things for others and not expect anything in return," "A" said.

So that's what "A" did. She taped $7 to a window for someone to pick up for lunch. Now with support from her co-workers and friends, she's created small care packages including cough d rops, gum, first aid kits, snacks, socks, gloves and a note.

It encourages people to take the package or money if they need it and pass on the love.

"Eventually I would like for the tags to go away and just people realizing that you can give something or receive something without a tag," she said.

She doesn't have a plan about where she'll set down the care packages or tape the money but she just does it wherever she feels needs a little love.

"I don't know, I just feel like little tiny gestures can flip someone's mentality," "A" said.

"A" said she loves living in Toledo and working downtown. She said we all have bad days and hear about the negativity in the world, this is a chance to bring some light to someone's gloomy day.

"Because we're all alive in the city together," she said. "I think eventually the tags and the social media will go away. I Hope that people just be nice to each other."

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