Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: December 10, 2017

Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: December 10, 2017

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Sports run the show in America. A look at the weekly TV ratings shows how much we love watching the games. But the ways millions of Americans get this content is changing. Jerry sits down with longtime ESPN host Jay Crawford, one of the more than 100 ESPN staffers laid-off in April. Crawford is now an executive in residence at BGSU and talks about his experiences at both places.

Later, the conversation switches to the new plans for Hotel Hilton is downtown Toledo. Last week, Jerry spoke to Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken with details about the re-build and renovations. The developers are two local families, something Commissioner Gerken was especially excited for. One of the families if the Roumayas, joining forces with the Yousef family. Jon Roumaya joins the show to talk about how these two families were joined together in business by their fathers, and what has happened since.

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