Area Poles celebrate early Christmas Eve with Wigilia dinner

Area Poles celebrate early Christmas Eve with Wigilia dinner

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Saints Adalbert and Hedwig Catholic Parish in Toledo's Polish Village had an early Christmas Eve celebration on Saturday night.

It was the annual Wigilia Dinner.

It was a meatless menu featuring foods from fields, forests and waters.

There was fish, beet soup, meatless golabki, noodles, pierogi, coffee cake and other items.

"During lent you would do a detailed fast to prepare well and get you  ready for Christmas. You would go meatless, that would be their fast," said Rev. Monte Hoyles.

This has become a very popular dinner.

Polish-Americans from as far away as Mansfield and Defiance came.

The dinner is free but reservations are required.

It's also about passing Polish tradition down from one generation to another.

Most importantly, it's a  celebration of the Lord's coming.

"People have done this in Poland for years. It was something that was always done on Christmas Eve with the family and it's done before the Mass of the Shepherd,"  said Marge Stefanski.

And a part of a celebration in Toledo Polish Village that's more than just a dinner.

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