Now's the time to make sure your car is ready for the winter

Now's the time to make sure your car is ready for the winter

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - WTOL 11's First Alert Meteorologists have been preparing you for the cold temperatures for a while now.

But did you use that time to prepare your car for the cold?

Doing so could save you big money this winter.

"It is inevitable if you know you do not take care of those needs that you know are there it's going to bite you, especially when we get what is coming towards us," said Ric Lawrence, Manager at Smitty's Automotive.

Experts say making sure your car is winter ready can be very easy.

Major items to check are your battery, exhaust, fluid levels and tires.

They say doing preventative maintenance could save your bank account big.

"When you get into those pm needs you could talk about a couple hundred to a few hundred dollars, if you neglect them and then the inevitable bad does end up happening, your quick into thousands of dollars or replacing a vehicle," said Lawrence.

Experts say the cold temperatures can be tough on your car if you don't treat it right.

They say you want to make sure your antifreeze is protected against the cold and your gas is filled above a quarter tank.

Another important check is your tire tread because on slippery roads they could put others at risk.

"It's not only your own personal safety, it's the safety of others on the road especially when we're talking about potentially that tire situation. You talk about family, you talk about kids people that are going to be traveling in the vehicle with you," said Lawrence.

Smitty's Automotive says you should trust your gut. If something feels wrong get it checked out — before it becomes a major issue.

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