ODOT is preparing for potential weekend weather

ODOT is preparing for potential weekend weather

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - You may have noticed the tanker trucks were out spreading liquid de-icer on the roadway on Friday morning.

ODOT is preparing for some of the winter weather heading our way over the weekend.

So far this season, the cumulative snowfall for northwest Ohio is still technically zero inches.

With a snowflake pictured in the weather forecast, we may not be able to say that on Saturday.

Even though we don't have much snow in the forecast, ODOT is preparing for the worst just in case. ODOT has been out all day pre-treating the roadways with a saltwater solution called brine, and is ready to fight whatever weather comes your way.

"It looks like we're definitely going to come in over the weekend. We've got to be out there and counter the storm and pre-treat the roads and make sure that they're safe for the public," said ODOT Highway Technician, Alex Laverde.

The liquid brine, a saltwater mixture, works best if it is spread over the roadway 24 to 48 hours ahead of a winter storm. Salt is more expensive to use and really only starts to activate once it absorbs some moisture.

Depending on how much snow we get, spreading salt may happen after the snow has started so that it doesn't roll off the roadway beforehand.

"Today we've been really preparing. So, we've got crews out that are brining and we've also got our mechanics in here just making sure that everything is ready to go," said Rebecca Dangelo, Public Information Officer for ODOT District 2. "So tomorrow, when the snow starts falling, our crews are going to come in. We've got an A shift and a B shift so they can work around the clock until the storm is done."

The amount of snowfall may vary throughout our region. Regardless of where you live and work, every ODOT garage in our area is fully stocked and is totally ready to fight this weather.

Remember, if you come across a plow in traffic, please keep your distance to allow them room to do their jobs and keep all of us safe.

ODOT also has a message for drivers: don't crowd the plow; be safe and leave some space.

In the case of an emergency where you must pass a plow in traffic, always pass to the left to avoid hitting the wing plow that you might not see hanging off of the right side of the trucks.

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