Unison Health raising money for recovery plans

Unison Health raising money for recovery plans

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Unison Health is on a mission to provide that next step in recovery for people addicted to opioids. The organization has launched a community giving campaign to raise money for recovery housing plans.

Prior to this past year, Unison only offered outpatient treatment for substance use disorders. This past summer, it opened up a 16-bed detox unit. The
next step is to provide long term support by developing recovery housing in the Toledo area.

"We have to match one hundred thousand dollars...the state of Ohio has pledged 500 thousand dollars to us along with the Lucas County Mental Health and Recovery services board who has pledged about 83 thousand dollars in funding for this project," said Kitty Slight with Unison Health.

Unison said tremendous support has already poured in from community members, Unison staff and board directors. The organization has raised about $30,000 since the campaign first launched two weeks ago.

Recovery housing will offer a safe, drug and alcohol free space with peer support.

"You know you could look at the statistics and you could read the statistics but until you actually talk to someone who is in detox and struggling at that chance at recovery, you really don't get a sense at how important this project is," said Slight.

Studies show recovery housing is highly effective for participants.  Unison employees said people in recovery housing experience decreased substance abuse, and increased family and social relationships.

"Everyone deserves a second chance and to me there's no greater gift than giving someone the chance at a second shot at life, and that's what our clients are asking for."

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