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Bowling Green to stabilize tuition for duration of students' undergrad careers

(Source: BGSU) (Source: BGSU)

Bowling Green is announcing a new initiative designed to bring more certainty to parents and students what their four-year educational costs will be.

The Falcon Tuition Guarantee Plan will put a lock on tuition, fees and room and board rates for the duration of students' undergrad careers. The program will begin in fall 2018.

With the plan, students would pay the same amount as seniors what they paid as freshman.

Current students will be classified as continuing students and will be charged tuition and fees as they are today until the board enacts changes as the state allows in a given year.

For students who enroll in summer 2018 will also fall into the “continuing” category for that summer as well, but then will be placed within the fall cohort and their tuition and fees stabilized for the remainder of their four-year undergraduate careers.

The program will also apply for students in five-year programs.

Bowling Green has not raised tuition since 2013.

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