Lucas Co. Prosecutor's Office getting full-time comfort dog

Lucas Co. Prosecutor's Office getting full-time comfort dog

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - After the successful use of Anna the comfort dog to provide comfort to the victims in the Timothy and Esten Ciboro trial in January 2017 the Lucas County Prosecutor's Office is getting a full-time comfort dog, Ezra.

Anna was on loan from Trinity Lutheran Church.

Ezra is owned by Lutheran Church Charities but is assigned to the Lucas County Prosecutors office.

Ezra has been training at the courthouse for the past month.

"We're always thinking of ways that we can make the telling of the story easier for the people that have to come to this building and tell their tales whether they are old or young or anything in between," said Lucas County Prosecutor Julia Bates. "Having anything that can make it easier is going to be a benefit and this dog is so loving."

Lutheran Church Charities is funding Ezra, as well as taking care of the dog after he gets off work at the courthouse.

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