New Gateway Loft apartments coming to east Toledo Marina District area

New Gateway Loft apartments coming to east Toledo Marina District area

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There has been some chatter about plans to bring new life to east Toledo.

More specifically, a 360-unit apartment complex is in the works for the Marina District. These apartments would be along Main Street just across the river.

But not all east Toledoans are excited about the development.

"People want people to realize that this is East Toledo and not part of downtown," David Shull, a resident on Toledo's east side.

The cheapest unit for the Gateway Lofts will go for $900 dollars a month for a one bedroom.

That is making some, like Shull, question if this will even benefit his neighbors.

"Growth here in East Toledo needs to occur but not at the expense of the east Toledo citizens who's annual per capita won't even match what the development that will come in to do.

Toledo City Councilman Peter Ujvagi, who's district is in east Toledo feels the opposite.

"It is going to have a significant impact not just on East Toledo but on the city, part of it is because it is a totally comprehensive project," said Ujvagi.

The apartments will include a clubhouse with a restaurant, a new bank and retail space is planned for the area as well.

Ujvagi said he thinks this development will expand outward increasing property values.

He adds that he doesn't think this is the answer to fixing how many east Toledoans have felt the last 10 years, but it helps.

"The Sports Arena was actually was fairly isolated, but it was an identity for east Toledo and people to this day still resent the fact that it was moved across the river," said Ujvagi.

ProMedica owns majority of the land right now but they plan on selling it to Frank Kass, the Columbus-based real estate developer.

"This project has very much the possibility, the exciting possibility to unite both sides of the river together," added Ujvagi.

Construction is expected to start early next year.

Toledo City Council's Zoning and Planning Commission just got done meeting about the project.

Along with the zoning, a required $1.7 million commitment from city leaders for infrastructure is needed for roadways, sewer and waterlines.

The proposal includes extending the development onto Front Street near the apartment complex. More than $15 million is expected for a bank, retail, and commercial space.

The Gateway Lofts will take over 12 acres of space. Two bedroom units would range from $1,200 to $1,400 dollars, and one bedrooms, for $900.

Ujvagi said this is a huge win for the east side.

"There is going to be a new metropark, there is going to be new residential apartments right here where we are standing and there is going to be significant business development along Front Street and and Main Street that I think is going to bring long term, permanent jobs back to this side of the river," explained Ujvagi .

Construction on this project is expected to start early next year.

City council is expected to vote next Tuesday on the zoning change and $700,000 needed to work on the roadways here.

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