3 charged in officer-involved shooting in central Toledo

3 charged in officer-involved shooting in central Toledo
Richard Morris (Source: TPD)
Richard Morris (Source: TPD)
Overton (Source: TPD)
Overton (Source: TPD)
(Source: TPD)
(Source: TPD)
(Source: TPD)
(Source: TPD)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo Police crews say two people were shot by officers Wednesday night at the Monroe Carryout parking lot around 7:30 p.m.

TPD detectives were surveilling the area due to the recent gun violence in the city when the shooting occurred.

TPD says suspects Richard Morris, 26, and Jayvon Wynne, 22, shot at two officers and missed. Police say the men shot at the officers as the officers were approaching their vehicle and identified themselves as police officers.

The officers returned fire and hit both suspects.

Both Morris and Wynne were taken to a local hospital and are being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

TPD Chief George Kral addressed the public in a news conference on Thursday and said the officers used restraint.

"Had it not been for the skills training discipline and heroism of these officers this incident could have been handled very differently," said Chief Kral.

They were charged with felonious assault on a police officer.

Wynne is being held on a $1 million bond.

Phillip Overton, 22, was also taken into custody without injury or incident. He was charged with improperly handling a firearm in a motor vehicle.

Overton is being held on a $250,000 bond. He is scheduled back in court on December 14.

In his news conference, Chief Kral had a message for those who break the law.

"As chief of police, I have the responsibility to protect the 99 percent of law-abiding citizens in Toledo. So I have a message for the one percent of the criminals in Toledo who choose to use firearms while breaking the law: Don't bring guns onto my street. Don't shoot firearms in my city. Don't shoot citizens that I have sworn to protect. And certainly do not shoot at any of my officers," Chief Kral said. "If you do any of these things, I will move heaven and earth to hunt you down, take you into custody and publicly advocate for the harshest legal charges and longest prison sentences possible. The choice is yours."

He said these men are believed to be involved in multiple shooting incidents in the past. The chief said they're looking into six months to a year of old shootings they may have been involved in.

Chief Kral said the man are involved in gangs.

Police say there are no other suspects related to this shooting. It is unclear which officer struck which victim at this time.

However the investigation is still ongoing.

Watch the full press conference here: 

This is the third TPD officer shot at in the past two months.

Besides this shooting and  Detective Jason Picking, an off-duty police officer working security at a bar was nearly hit after shots were fired at the bar in October.

That officer did not return fire.

TPD Chief George Kral plans to address the community Thursday with additional details.

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