Gas war in west Toledo is helping out drivers in crossfire

Gas war in west Toledo is helping out drivers in crossfire

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Two west Toledo gas stations are battling it out for the cheapest gas prices. And in the business, this is called a Gas War.

"We were pretty cheap," said Akash Singh, V.P. of Business Development at Gas and Express Mart. "The Valero happened to d rop a couple cents so I asked my employees to d rop it even lower. It keeps going down to $2. I wasn't making any money but at the same time I was getting people to come in."

The Gas and Express Mart B.P. at the corner of Douglas and Monroe opened Friday, that's then the gas war began.

"I mean there is a BP down the street that's probably 30 cents a gall more expensive than this," said Jay Feldstein, long-time BP costumer.

"You know if we lose a little money on gas just to come in I think it's a better investment for the long run," Singh said.

For one driver the open pumps drew him in.

"Actually, because it's convenient," Gregory Carter. "Over there it's crowded. I don't want to get my car bumped. Four cents is not that bad."

The drivers at the Gas and Express BP said convenience trumps price, however the people who lined up at the pumps at the Valero across the street say saving every penny they can is important to them.

"I was just turning and this was a little cheaper than that one," said John Hurst who works in Toledo.

Hurst was one of roughly 20 vehicles crammed into the Valero gas station. The Stop and Go run station has even gone as far as making cash and credit prices per gallon the same.

Some drivers said either way, this gas war is good for drivers.

According to, the Valero near Monroe is the cheapest in Toledo and the BP is the second cheapest.

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