Wixey Bakery new delivery service

Wixey Bakery new delivery service

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Wixey Bakery is one of last remaining neighborhood bakeries in Toledo, Ohio that offers a wide variety of pastries, cookies, brownies, freshly baked breads and donuts.

The Toledo favorite is now going to start delivering their baked goodies. They will be delivering in the greater Toledo area.

No more excuses that you can't make the short drive over there.

"We are offering a delivery service now. It's something that we've  always provided to the community. For example, if someone would call in and ask us if we could send something to their grandparent who might be in assisted living. Now it's something we're making more public," said Co-owner, Brian Wixey said.

Wixey's has delivered larger orders like cakes in the past and is excited to extend the reach of their local small business.

The minimum delivery charge is $12 for small orders. And since they're just starting out this service, a 24-hour notice is recommended on most orders.

"The public seems to be pretty excited about it. We've had a few deliveries. Our first today for sure, and it's just a service we're excited to provide our community," said Wixey.

Mariana Garcia, a 12-year-old Wixey enthusiast,  brought home the sale.

"This place is my favorite because it's really special and it's got really good food. They bake it hot and warm and you get it fresh and that's the place to be," Garcia said.

For most of December they've extended their hours to seven days a week to fill their extra high demand holiday orders.

The best way to order for delivery is to give them a call. Wixey Bakery information can be found on their website or place a call between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. at 419-382-6684.

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