Student-run credit union opens at a high school in Oregon

Student-run credit union opens at a high school in Oregon

OREGON, OH (WTOL) - High School students in Oregon are getting some real life work experience right in their own halls.

On Wednesday, Clay High School celebrated the grand opening of the first student run credit union in Northwest Ohio. The school is working with Sun Federal Credit Union to make sure students achieve their life long goals.

"We can't thank sun federal enough for supporting us," said Hal Gregory, Superintendent of Oregon City Schools.

The student run credit union is managed by six seniors who are running the branch for the Oregon City Schools community.

"It's a good learning experience for myself, and it will be good for my future cause I wanna go into business," said Jack Winckowski, a senior at Clay High School.

These seniors had to go through an intensive interview process to be chosen to help run the branch.

"Sun federal's interview process that they use for their branches out in the community was used here," said Gregory.  "I'm particularly excited about being able to influence this next generation," said Gary Moritz, President and CEO of Sun Federal Credit Union. "Most of the time it's like well I'll get out of high school, Ii'll get a job I'll go to college make more money and it'll be fine and oftentimes they're missing an opportunity to really learn how you manage money so that it doesn't manage you."

This new opportunity not only offers practical skills, but allows students to gain confidence and self-esteem.

"Now I feel confident going off to college. I know now how to handle my money better and I know exactly what they're going to do with my money," said Taytem Rew, a Senior at Clay High School.

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