27 acres in Tiffin designated "Shovel Ready" for new business.

27 acres in Tiffin designated "Shovel Ready" for new business.

TIFFIN, OH (WTOL) - A long vacant plot of land in Seneca County could soon be the home of a new business.

In Tiffin's Eagle Rock Business Park, between two existing businesses, the field has been gr anted shovel ready status. Meaning, it has met the nearly 200 point criteria ranging from established utilities, environmental, even archeological.

The 34-acre site is cleared for food manufacturing, and is now one of only five sites in northwest Ohio with the shovel ready designation, giving Tiffin a competitive advantage in drawing in a prospective business.

"They can 100% confident that it has been double and triple checked to make sure that everything that they see from an information standpoint is what it is, and they can rely on it. And that reduction of risk means this is a business ready community, it is ready for us to build a wonderful facility for them," said David Zak, President and CEO of SIEDC.

SIEDC has now begun the process of marketing this property regionally, and beyond to see if this shovel site can fit the need for a new company.

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