Woman's car broken into, suspect steals mother's ashes

Woman's car broken into, suspect steals mother's ashes
(Source: Callie Futey)
(Source: Callie Futey)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Her mother died when she was a little girl. Now, years later, she's lost her mother again. A thief snatching what little remains she had of her, the ashes, among other things.

But it's those ashes of the UT student's mother that can't be replaced.

"The minute I started walking to my car I saw that everything was gone in the backseat and I was like oh my gosh," said Callie Futey, a 20-year-old student at the University of Toledo. "I just ran inside started crying like I didn't even know what to think. You stole a human basically not just ashes."

Callie had just returned to town from a weekend with her dad. She was at her boyfriend's house when a thief robber her joy early Tuesday morning.

Surveillance video shows a white car drives up Searles Road around 6:55 am. The suspect parks their car and begins looking through several car windows stopping at Callie Futey's car that was locked. The thief breaks her handle to get into the vehicle turning on the lights as well as setting off motion detectors.

"It seemed like it was all planned out," said Austin Williams, Callie's boyfriend who lives in the home. "He wasn't driving slow or anything just immediately drove in, parked his car, got out, started looking through things just like it's a weekly thing. You know it kind of scares me."

Three trips of stuff taken from Callie's car in a matter of just two minutes. The thief was so sneaky police drove by during the incident without seeing anything suspicious.

By 7:00 a.m. the suspect was off with her belongings and more importantly her mother's ashes.

"Keep the books, keep the clothes if your kids need presents if that's what it is keep it," explained Callie Futey. "I've been a little bit more fortunate to have those things maybe your kids don't, but the ashes? If you're a decent human being you'll bring them back, you know like it's priceless."

Callie lost her mother, Karen Hubbell, back in 2006 when she was just nine-years-old. She hadn't been back in Toledo from her dads for 12 hours before the ashes were stolen from her car prior to her going to her own apartment.

Callie said she brought them back to buy a special urn to place the ashes in and remember her mom who was always full of joy and rock and roll.

Now, Callie is hopeful the thief will return them so her family can remember her mother appropriately.

"They represent still having a piece of her, I mean I know she is gone and has moved on. They mean a lot and I just don't understand how somebody could just steal them," said Callie.

Austin said he and his other roommates who live in the home on Searles will be extra cautious from here on out because of this incident.

Callie has filed a police report in hopes of finding who broke into her car. She said the only thing that matters to her with the incident is getting her mother's ashes back for her family.

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