Tony Packo's new location opens in Maumee

MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) - You can once again get a delicious Tony Packo's hot dog in Maumee,

The new Packo's location had their Grand Opening on Monday at the corner of Conant Street and Chesterfield in the Meijer Plaza.

This new concept location is a bit of old and new to bring a more updated and modern feel to the restaurant while maintaining the rich Packo's history.

For those in a hurry, the new location even has a drive through

"This restaurant is the second restaurant that we have with a drive-thru which makes it really convenient when you're out shopping to come through and grab a dog or anything you'd like, one of your Packo's favorites," said Scott Radel, Vice President of Operations for Tony Packo's. "Stop through the drive-thru, get some food on the way home for the whole family."

Tony and Rose Packo opened the iconic eatery in 1932 on Toledo's historic east Side. With a flair for storytelling and old-word hospitality, they created a special place for locals to get a good meal at a fair price.

Word quickly spread about the unique Tony Packo hot dog and soon the Packo's had a thriving restaurant serving what has become a Toledo tradition.

Mentions of the Packo hot dog by Jamie Farr, "Klinger" on the hit TV series, M*A*S*H, have brought visitors to the restaurant from all over the world.

In 1972 Burt Reynolds began what is now an honored Packo tradition of signing a hot dog bun.

He came in to enjoy a meal after a performance of "The Rainmaker" and was asked to sign an autograph. He picked up the hot dog bun and signed it!

Since that time, celebrities from all walks of life, including U.S. Presidents, actors, musicians, sports figures, astronauts, military personnel and local celebrities, have been asked to sign a Packo bun.

The buns are proudly displayed inside all Packo locations. There are well over 2,500 buns in the collection.

Previously, Tony Packo's had a location in Maumee in the Andersons, but since the store closed, those in Maumee have been anxious to get their
favorite hot dog spot back.

Emily Bennett, president of Tony Packo's Toledo, LLC, said she was excited to be able to bring Packo's® back to Maumee.

"We are proud to be able to serve the Maumee community once again with our freshly updated restaurant, which has the added convenience of a drive thru for our customers who are on–the-go."

In case anyone needed more reasons to head to the new restaurant this week, all locations are participating in a promotion to raise money for the Salvation Army.

"We actually are having a special promotion with the Salvation Army. It's called pickles for poverty and with each order of fried pickles that people purchase, for a full order is a dollar donation we'll make at all the locations and fifty cents for half orders,"  Radel said.

With the addition of the Maumee location, there are now five Packo's locations in the Toledo area,and at least one more is already planned for early next year.

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