Sylvania Schools see spike in enrollment

Sylvania Schools see spike in enrollment

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - It's been an exciting past couple of years for Sylvania Schools.

Student population has increased from roughly 7,500 to more than 7,700 students within the past couple of years.

Adam Fineske, the school district's Superintendent said they're seeing growth across the district. Sylvania schools attributes this spike in enrollment to a better economy and more families buying homes in the area.

"From about 2007 to 2017 um probably for the past eight or nine years in that span we've been pretty stagnant with our enrollment..that was right at the time of the recession and things had slowed down prior to that," said Fineske.

This past summer, the district added an additional kindergarten class at Stranahan Elementary. That's because 80 of the new students are kindergarteners.

"Without that fourth section, we would have had too many kids per class, so it wasn't really an option, we really needed to add that to make the classroom sizes be the right number," said Sandra Briggle, a kindergarten teacher at Stranahan Elementary.

To better accommodate students, 30 new teachers were hired this past year.

The Sylvania school district said it's not only proud of its increase in student numbers, but also its spike in student diversity.

"Students are coming through the doors with all different types of backgrounds and we're a welcoming district, we welcome all students," said Fineske.

The Toledo Public School system, said it's seen an increase of nearly 1,000 students within the past five years.

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