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Landslide in Ottawa County closes State Route 2 exit near Marblehead.


A busy exit in Ottawa County will probably be closed for months.

West bound traffic on State Route 2 will have to find another way to Marblehead off of the Edison Bridge. That's because last week, the roadside just before exit 125 broke away from the highway and slide down the hill.

What is left is a giant crack and a few feet of asphalt about a yard lower than the rest of the road.

The landslide doesn't directly impact the exit, but it's too close to allow traffic to drive near the slide.

Monday, ODOT crews began clearing the lower area so they can start extracting core samples to find a solution. But until the road is rebuilt, traffic will be detoured to exit 124, and take route 53 to 163 to backtrack to the peninsula.

"Right now we're getting into an investigation and doing some soil boring to try to determine why exactly that movement is happening. It really is probably one of the largest slides we've seen in district 2," said ODOT District 2 Deputy Director Patrick McColley.

McColley is unsure how long it will take to repair all of this damage, but said it definitely won't  be a quick fix.

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