Small business truckers protest electronic logs in Lima

Small business truckers protest electronic logs in Lima

LIMA, OH (WTOL) - American truckers in nearly every state are protesting electronic logging devices on Monday.

Electronic logging devices, or ELDs, track a trucker's driving time.

Local truckers felt the need to speak their minds about e-logs at Rep. Jim Jordan's office in Lima.

Lawmakers say this new injunction is designed to keep drivers safe, but truckers say limiting the amount of time they can be on the road actually makes the roads less safe.

Although the Congressman Jordan wasn't there, truckers hope to get their point across that this federal mandate impacts not just their livelihood, but your pocketbook as well.

"What we do in four days now takes us six days because we have to have a back haul. Or I have to go to my main contract and say, 'Here's the deal, we can't be a back haul anymore because of these ELD. If you want me to do the same amount of work for you as I'm doing now, I've got to raise the rates up.' So obviously if I'm raising the rates, it's going to go back to you and me. It's going to look like we're making money. We're not. We have to do it to compensate," said Ron Bowers of Bowers Trucking.

Small business truckers say they need more training, not tracking. They will be presenting Congressman Jim Jordan with a stack of petitions in hopes the congressman will support them.

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