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Smart baby gear for new parents

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New parents are always looking for something to help make their lives a little easier.

Now, technology has turned basic baby items into high-tech monitors that help parents take better care of their little ones.

Here’s a look at smarter baby gear for new parents:

Hatch Baby Grow

The Hatch Baby Grow may look like a regular changing pad, but it does a lot more.

It's a smart scale that helps parents keeps track of baby's growth and feeding patterns.

The changing pad connects to a mobile app that records baby's weight and keeps a daily log. Nursing moms can also use it to determine how much baby is eating by weighing before and after a meal.

Beaba Babycook

Once baby's ready for solids, the Beaba Babycook makes for an easy transition.

It's part steamer and part food processor so parents can make healthy baby food in half the time and with half the mess.

Put the raw ingredients into the basket and steam. Once it's done dump the food and blend. You'll have a fresh meal in 15 minutes.

SNOO Smart Sleeper

Babies and sleep don't often mix, but a bassinet may help baby and parent get a bit more shuteye.

This SNOO Smart Sleeper has a built-in sound machine and rocking motors that lull your baby to sleep. The SNOO won't even turn on unless the baby is safely swaddled and clipped in.

When baby starts to cry, the microphone signals the SNOO to intensify the rocking motion and change to a more soothing white noise.

Owlet Smart Sock

The Owlet Smart Sock gives parents even more peace of mind during the night.

It's a cute baby bootie that tracks baby's heartbeat and oxygen levels while he sleeps. It connects to a base and then app to let parents know how their baby's doing.

Green indicates the baby is doing well, but it will immediately turn red and sound an alarm if baby's vitals drop.

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