Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: December 3, 2017

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - First, Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken has been telling us for a long time a deal is on the way for the former Seagate Hotel at Summit and Jefferson, attached to the Seagate Convention Centre..

Gerken tells Jerry what's in store for the future with the unique dual-hotel branding.

And then it's on to politics. To say that the Republican Party is the minority party in Lucas County is to state the obvious. Some republicans get elected judges county-wide and they certainly earn some victories in the suburbs. But for the most part to be a G.O.P. election-hopeful is rolling a big log uphill.

But there's a move afoot to change all of that.  It's leaders seem pragmatic about the challenge ahead. Daniel Steingraber is the president of Republicans for a New Lucas County Political Action Committee. He is a long-time east side businessman a real estate appraiser.

He joins Jerry at the table, along with Mark Wagoner. He is an attorney and former state representative who seeks to chair the Lucas County republican party. They explain the ins and outs of their group.

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