Toledo Police and Fire seeing new classes after years of falling staff levels

Toledo Police and Fire seeing new classes after years of falling staff levels

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - After years of Toledo's budget making it impossible to hire new police and fire classes, there is now a surge in the opposite direction.

This winter, Toledo Police will graduate a new class of officers.

And on Friday, Toledo Fire swore in a new class of 30 recruits.

For many years, scenes like Friday's swearing-in ceremony were not common.

And as retirements mounted, the manpower numbers began to drop at both TFD and TPD.

Recently however, a push to get classes hired is giving Chief Santiago hope of growing his department's staffing rather than just maintaining.

"We've appreciated the support from the current mayor and administration and we look forward to the support from the future mayor has made he certainly has made commitments," said Toledo Fire Chief Luis Santiago.

TFD also graduated a class earlier in the year.

Friday's recruits will graduate in the spring and a new fire class is already slated to begin next year.

Numbers are growing for Toledo Police as well.

In addition to having a current class, another class is set to begin in June.

Two recent graduating classes along with two classes of future officers next year is keeping TPD's staffing levels around 620.

"Ideally we would like to get our levels to where they have been, at levels of high 600 to 700," said   Toledo Police Captain Joe Heffernan. "I know Chief Kral feels that would we adequately be able to provide better service to the community which is what everyone wants."

Toledo Police is still accepting candidates to fill the next class of 40 to 50 cadets.

The application and testing period runs through December 31st.

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