Spread the Gift of Joy at Toledo Auto Care

Spread the Gift of Joy at Toledo Auto Care

Christmas is always a fun time for kids. Nothing gives them more joy than unwrapping their presents on Christmas Day.

Sadly, this tradition might be something some kids take for granted, as so many kids in our area don't have the means to experience this joy.

But that could all change with your help this holiday season.

All you have to do is drop a new, unwrapped gift off at one of the many locations in Toledo that are participating in the Gift of Joy toy drive.

Service manager Jason Kelley said Toledo Auto Care wanted to get involved with the Gift of Joy toy drive to help the kids.

"We all have families with some children involved, so we like to make sure we're doing anything we can to help people have a better Christmas. It's a time of giving and being happy," Kelley said. "Some folks out there can't afford to have a really fun Christmas for their children, so this is a way we can help step in with our community and gather some toys and pass them out to the children."

Kelley believes everyone should participate in the toy drive to make sure the kids have a great Christmas, and to remember what Christmas is really about.

"Helping out the community is a big part of being a community, so if we can all help out and help these children, help the families out that may not have enough to provide a fun Christmas for their children. It's all about giving again," he said.

A few dollars out of your pocket could change a child's entire Christmas.

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