Metroparks selling shirts by JupMode

Metroparks selling shirts by JupMode

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - When you think of donations, you think of people collecting money or a big fundraising event.

Now you can have long awaited Metropark swag.

If you're looking for something different to give this holiday season, JupMode has teamed up with Toledo Metroparks to create themed shirts.

Five dollars from each shirt will go directly back to the Metroparks.

There are different color and print options. Designs are meant to be classic and simple with the Metroparks logo on them to appeal to everyone.

"There's a lot of demand for Metroparks garb or attire or gear. And every park has its own following and there are activities that we support," Metroparks Marketing Director Matt Killam said. "Bicycling, mountain biking, archery, things like that and people want to wear stuff to support the Metroparks and support their interests. So we teamed up and we designed seven initial designs that people have been really excited about."

The success so far has been overwhelming and relatively proportionate to the popularity of each park.

Not all of the Metroparks are currently represented, but Metroparks are currently working on more designs to come.

"It's been a much better response than we expected. We've had a lot of people contact us about them and proceeds from each sale are going back to the parks so it's going to be a great fundraiser for them," JupMode owner John Amato said. "All that will be reinvested in the parks. I just think for people from Toledo, they know how great our parks system is and so, this is probably a very long awaited item."

The sale is going on through December 11, so if you want them under the tree this year, be sure to get your orders in as soon as possible. Sales will then be suspended until further notice.

JupMode has a separate website for the sale of these items available for a limited time.

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