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Lourdes University hosts conference aimed at helping at-risk addicts

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Lourdes University along with the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Lucas County hosted a conference Thursday to fight the opioid epidemic and other addictions.

Leaders at the conference talks about about a variety of issues facing northwest Ohioans including suicide, gambling and the opioid epidemic.

"We are raising awareness not only about the problem, but also that there are things everybody can do," Cynthia Brown-Chery of the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board said. "Like disposing of unused medications safely through drop boxes and drug take back days."

One of the big parts of tackling this opioid epidemic is understanding why these addicts start using. 

What the board says they see is a lot of these addicts, have mental health issues as well. 

One ways they said they can help to prevent people from becoming addicts, as well as treat those who are already addicts, is to understand their though process. Then they must help provide ways for addicts or at-risk addicts to cope with their issues.

"We target children as young as four-years-old up to seniors up to 104-years-old believe it or not," Brown-Chery said. "So with the younger ones, we're looking at developing their emotional intelligence, [...] teaching them ways to deal with their anger, and their frustration."

The conference continues all day Friday at Lourdes University.  Leaders will speak about evidence-based prevention when it comes to addiction.

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