DeWine files lawsuit against alleged fraud charity

DeWine files lawsuit against alleged fraud charity

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine filed a lawsuit against Ohio Cops for Kids, accusing the charity of being a scam.

The charity claims to collect money for police officers to assist kids. However, DeWine says the organization swindled more the $4.2 million from thousands of donors throughout the state. DeWine claims only a fraction of donors' money actually goes back into the community.

"If a donor contributed $100, only 80 cents went for charitable purposes," DeWine said.

While Ohio Cops for Kids may be a scam, there are legitimate charities that have similar goals.

One of those charities, Feet on the Street, promises the money they collect directly helps children.

"We want to put it out there we are no association with them, and its good to get those bad guys out of there who are trying to take the money we could potentially get to help our kids," said Zach Stewart of Feet on the Street.

For 10 years, Feet on the Street hosted the 12 Kids of Christmas, which creates a Christmas for children who may not otherwise get presents under the tree.

This year, the organization hopes to help 200 kids. Toledo police officers team up with the organization to give kids a day full of warm meals, shopping and fun.

"It's keeping the police in the positive spotlight, where it is not them going out to get the bad guys," Stewart said. "It's them helping those that need the help and letting the kids know officers are good people."

All the money raised by Feet on the Street goes to local kids and stays local. There is no staff or salaries to put this event on, only volunteers.

Feet on the Street relies on donations from past donors, face to face meetings or through personal e-mails. They do not solicit money over the phone.

The charity is behind on donations this year as the money from the TPD-TFD hockey game that usually would go to Feet on the Street will go to help the wounded Detective Jason Picking and his family.

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