Tony Packo's, Salvation Army team up to fight poverty with pickles

Tony Packo's, Salvation Army team up to fight poverty with pickles

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Tony Packo's and the Salvation Army are teaming up for a good cause in a delicious way.

The two organizations are working together to fight poverty with pickles. Fried pickles to be exact.

For a short time in December, $1 from every full order and $.50 from every half order of fried pickles will go toward the Salvation Army to help those in need in our community and surrounding areas.

"Emily Bennett, who is the chairman and president, wanted to find a company for Packo's to donate our efforts and time. We received quite a few donation requests on a daily basis and after a year or longer, evaluating options we determined, with her guidance, that the Salvation Army fit Packo's and was the best organization to partner with," said Scott Radel, vice president of Tony Packo's.

"The Salvation Army touches so many lives in positive ways, not only through their assistance efforts, but through their coordination with other county agencies to care for those in need," said Emily Bennett, president of Tony Packo's.

There are two separate operations in Toledo when it comes to the Salvation Army. One is a drug and alcohol rehab program, which is fully funded through tangible donations. The partnership with Tony Packo's will fund the social service arm of their operations.

"We assist essentially the underemployed people who pretty much live from paycheck to pay check, and for whatever reason find themselves coming up a little bit short. We are able to assist them to get through those difficult times," said Major Scott Kelly.

Major Kelly and his wife Sue met at a Salvation Army camp in 1980, and have been serving the Salvation Army for more than 28 years. They said they are proud to work for an organization that helped more than 31,000 people in 2016.

Just recently the couple visited a prison in Stryker, passing out Christmas cards to the inmates so they could send them to their families.

"It's impactful to see people who seem tough on the outside soften at the thought of sending a Christmas card to their family," said Major Sue Kelly.

Packo's support of the Salvation Army will allow the organization to continue those social services to more than 18,000 people, regardless of where they come from.

"It's a huge help to us to know that people care enough about their community to find a way to focus their efforts in helping," said Sue.

The fundraiser will also help them fund their other endeavors when they visit nursing homes, veterans and continue anti-human trafficking programs.

Head over to Tony Packo's from December 1 to 15 and get an order of fried pickles to help raise money and give back to the community just in time for the holidays.

The fundraiser is available at all five Packo's locations including their newest one in Maumee at 1399 Conant Street, which opened December 4.

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