Maumee Bay Brewing Co. introduces algae-inspired beer

Maumee Bay Brewing Co. introduces algae-inspired beer

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It wasn't even St. Patrick's Day but folks Thursday night were drinking a green brew called Algae Bloom Beer at Maumee Bay Brewing Company.

Despite the less-than-appetizing look, the reviews were quite positive.

"Pretty delicious. Like a lighter beer with a hint of kiwi," Neal Felstein said.

The Ohio Environmental Council sponsored the event to raise awareness about the importance of clean, safe water in the beer making process.

Dozens of Ohio brewers tap into Lake Erie for their water. They don't need operations shut down because of another pesky algae bloom.

"Hops and barley can be sourced from anywhere in the world," Nick Mandros of the council said. "Water is always local so making sure that you have a good water source to provide a quality product."

Algae Bloom Beer is a fun way to start a serious conversation about a serious issue.

"The water quality is really important to everybody. Effects everybody in the city and it's something we should be aware of," Shannon Mohr of Maumee Bay Brewing Company said.

Algae Bloom Beer is a sour New England IPA colored with green powder and aged with Kiwi. It should be available on tap at area bars in the near future to continue a serious conversation started on this night.

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