Soldier comes from overseas and meets his twin boys

Soldier comes from overseas and meets his twin boys

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's been almost a year away for families from their soldiers in the Ohio National Guard 1st battalion, 148th infantry regiment.

On Wednesday, more than 300 soldiers were welcomed home from overseas on a training mission.

Posters and flowers awaited soldiers as they anticipated the reunion with their loved ones.

One family anxiously waited for their specialist as he was about to meet his twin sons for the very first time.

WTOL 11 first told you about the McNutt family back in April when Oliver and Henry were born. Wednesday, after seven months they finally met their dad.

Joy and her family eagerly waited in the hallway of the Stranahan Theater to see Specialist Greg McNutt for the first time in 11 months. And finally he got the chance to hold his twin boys who he had only seen via FaceTime.

"Exciting and overwhelming at the same time," said Specialist Greg McNutt, Ohio National Guard. "But a good feeling to be back home."

No one is quite as happy to have him back as his wife Joy, a first-time mom.

"It's overwhelming," said Joy McNutt of having Greg home and meeting their sons for the first time. "You wait for that day."

As her soldier took both his sons into his arms she beamed with pride.

"It's been not easy, that's for sure," said Joy. "But we made it!"

Anna Howard was sad to see her husband of one month leave for training in Jordan back in January, but said Wednesday's reunion was so worth it, especially with their wedding anniversary in just a week.

"It was so exciting," said Anna Howard of seeing her husband for the first time in 11 months. "I loved it, you know first time again and it was just the happiest moment ever. I'm so proud all these guys are back."

More than 300 soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 148th Infantry Regiment, headquartered in Walbridge, walked into the Stranahan Theater to applause, signs and more.

"To the families the employers and the soldiers thank you," said Major General John Harris Jr. during the welcome home ceremony.

Soldiers said they were proud to serve.

"It was nice to share amongst brothers and sisters in arms," said Specialist McNutt. "It was a good experience."

But they also have some big plans now that they are home.

"Well when wife picks me up I think we're going to hit a steakhouse for sure," said Sgt. Kyle Kinzel.

As for the McNutt family, well it's back to boot camp for Greg, but a different kind.

"He thought the Army was tough," joked Joy McNutt. "We're calling it baby boot camp so we are going to be learning how to change diapers, give baths, bottles all that good stuff."

"I'm definitely grateful for all the helping hands for the last seven months, but definitely (ready to) make up for the lost time."

They said that can wait until they get some quality time to spend together with their family first, but Christmas will be "merrier" now.

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