Child left at Meijer allegedly for punishment

Child left at Meijer allegedly for punishment

ROSSFORD, OH (WTOL) - It was a Thanksgiving road trip gone wrong.

Joseph McGuffin was driving through northwest Ohio on his way back to Tennessee with his two children. His eight and five-year-old were fighting in the back seat.

"He was going to teach them a lesson by dropping the 8-year-old boy off at Meijer and had him go into the store by himself. He told the son that he would be back in about an hour," said Chief Glenn B. Goss Sr. with Rossford Police.

McGuffin then drove to the Kroger right off Dixie Highway with plans of dropping off his 5-year-old daughter before changing his mind and heading back to Meijer.

"The son was walking around pushing a cart throughout the store for quite some time and employees got concerned that they didn't see an adult with him," said Goss

The boy then explained to employees what happened.  Police showed up shortly after.

Meanwhile, McGuffin was sitting in the parking lot, but didn't leave his car until he saw police leaving the store with his son.

"I just could not imagine leaving any of my children at a store by themselves, even older than these two children are," Goss said.

McGuffin doesn't have custody of the kids, just visitation rights for the holiday.

The mother, drove from Tennessee and got to Ohio Wednesday morning to take her kids back.

He is now faces a child endangerment charge.

"Anything could have happened. The child could have been abducted or anything, so I think the charges are serious and I think they are well deserving," Goss said.

McGuffin was arraigned Wednesday and is being held on a $6,500 bond.

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