Miller's Meat Market in Findlay still shut down after wind damage

Miller's Meat Market in Findlay still shut down after wind damage

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - It's been a little over three weeks since straight-line winds left a wake of damage in the city of Findlay, and one popular business is still recovering.

"Brand new roof, new AC, new walls, to electric, to brand new floors, and everything in between" said Jeff Miller, owner of Miller's Meat Market.

It's a total loss for Miller and his longstanding Meat Market on Trenton Avenue.

After losing his entire roof, the roof's sand like insulating material poured in and ruined every piece of equipment inside. But Miller said his insurance policy was hefty enough to cover all the expenses.

Now crews are gutting the store.

Miller said, the continuous support from the community is helping him through this difficult time.

"A lot of support, people will say 'We miss your barbecue, we miss your meat, we won't forget you.' It has been a very heartwarming feeling," explained Miller.

Jeff's insurance is also paying employees paychecks while the market is closed.

But despite the loss, he pointed out a positive from the situation. He donated all of his usable meat product to the various food pantries in the county.

He said the situation could have been much worse and considers this as simply a bump in the road.

"Who said life was going to be easy? God is good, life is hard," Miller said.

But, Miller said  they are turning the tide so to speak in the renovation process. The dumpster in front of his building represents some of the last things being removed from the building.

And very soon once they sure of the roof, they can begin bringing in some new.

But Miller said they are still months away from being able to reopen.

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