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International Joint Commission calls for Ohio to declare Lake Erie impaired

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The International Joint Commission called in its latest meeting for Lake Erie to be declared impaired.

The commission was formed at the 2012 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement to set timelines and targets to improve the Great Lakes between the U.S. and Canada.

The commission found the water quality of western and central Lake Erie to be "unacceptable." The IJC set a list of recommendations which including the state of Ohio declaring the lake impaired.

"Voluntary measures have failed to protect Lake Erie from extreme algal blooms. Enforceable standards are essential if governments are to achieve their phosphorus reduction loading targets and the public is to regain access to a more swimmable and fishable lake," said Lana Pollack, US Co-chair of the IJC.

While the IJC did say there was progress made by both the U.S. and Canada, there is still slow progress to 'address chemical releases.' The commission also said government entities need to strengthen public engagement, accountability and funding to achieve the objectives in the 2012 Agreement.

"The IJC firmly believes that achieving the Agreement’s purpose and objectives will happen only if all sectors of the Great Lakes community are involved," Commissioner Richard Morgan said.

To read the full findings of the commission, follow this link.

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