Medical marijuana dispensaries are welcome in Rossford

Medical marijuana dispensaries are welcome in Rossford
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ROSSFORD, OH (WTOL) - Medical marijuana dispensaries are now welcome in the city of Rossford, with majority of the city council members supporting the decision.

"The reasoning behind that is they have family members who are elderly or are diseased and they want to find a good course for them to kind of ease through the pain," said Michael Scott, Rossford City Administrator.

But, this doesn't just open up the flood gates.  It simply allows dispensaries to apply through the state, and say they would like to do business in Rossford.

Just an application to get a dispensary license is $5,000 and then, $70,000 every two years if approved.

A safeguard and neighbor appreciates the welcome.

"It should be done through the proper channels that way everybody has their opinions said on it," said Michael Martin, supporter of Rossford City Council's decision.

Dispensaries in the state of Ohio cannot open near schools, churches, or public parks and playgrounds. City leaders say if one were to open up, they wouldn't expect much of a change.

"They're not smoke shops, they're not paraphernalia shops, there are several of them up in Michigan that seem to be doing pretty well, they don't bring in bad elements," said Scott.

Along with what some claim are the medical benefits, others are excited about the economic benefits as well. This includes a possible spike in income tax revenue.

"We are looking at employment opportunities for it, and we are hopeful that there maybe some additional kind of off shoot businesses that would come with it," said Scott.

Other cities have approved moratoriums, buying them more time to make a decision.

Maumee recently approved allowing dispensaries in certain zoning areas.

Perrysburg voted no, and Oregon is still holding out on the decision.

Ohio has until September of 2018 to figure out the logistics of the program.

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