Lucas County Jail pushing for drug body scanners

Lucas County Jail pushing for drug body scanners

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - When someone is booked into the Lucas County Jail they go through a procedure to ensure they don't have an drugs or weapons. Although there are still cases where inmates have gotten passed security with different contraband.

That's why the jail is pushing to get body scanner to ensure safety of inmates and deputies.

"It gives you a full body view of the person that you're scanning, instead of a metal detector where you're looking for metal objects. It gives you a full body scan of everything that can be concealed within the human body," said Captain Richard Grove with Lucas County Sheriff's Department.

hen someone is arrested they are taken to booking. From there an officer performs a pat-down search then they are scanned with a handheld wand for any metal weapons.

The search doesn't allow a full body scan of items that may be hidden or ingested into someone's body.

"We have contraband that comes into the facility, it's not a lot or all the time but we do get contraband of what we catch. There could be more coming in but we don't have the resources now to detect for that. What we're looking for if we get the body scanner, we give the officers another tool," said Grove.

The Lucas County jail has non-contact visitation, so they're not worried about the public bringing in contraband. But they are focused on inmates bringing it in as they are booked at the jail.

Captain Grove said inmates have swallowed a contraband then alerted an officer. That inmate then has to be taken to the hospital to be medically cleared.

"So that's the cost from the tax payer because we have to send a person out because they make the assertion to swallowing some type of drug. For their safety we have to send them out and If it comes back negative we return them back to custody and if they have it the medical staff will take the appropriate action at the hospital," Grove explained.

The body scanners cost over $100,000, but they are finding alternatives ways to pay for the technology like through commissary to divert funds to offset the amount.

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