Be aware of where your money is going on Giving Tuesday

Be aware of where your money is going on Giving Tuesday

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - While so many have been scoring deals from Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and more, Tuesday marks another day to spend money giving a big gift.

It's widely known as Giving Tuesday and is a global giving movement where hundreds will donate to local and national charities. It's great to give back to these places that help those in need, but what are they doing with your donations?

The Better Business Bureau wants to warn you to check the legitimacy of charities, both local and national, before handing over your donation.  They rate charities based on 20 different standards to determine what they do with your donations.

Some of the things they warn you to avoid on-the-spot donation decisions from unfamiliar organizations, be wary of emotional appeals, and look out for charities with names similar to legitimate ones that are just slightly different.

"A lot of these charities deliberately deceive you to get you to donate and instead of giving to a well-established charity, the ones that really do the job, you throw your money away with some bad guy charity that's just out to line their pockets and there are a lot of those guys out there," said Dick Eppstein, president of the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB encourages people to be generous on Giving Tuesday, but to be conscious of where your money is going.

If you want to check on a charity and see how they rated against the BBB's 20 standards you can go to their website and search the results here.

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