Neighbors rattled by afternoon shooting in east Toledo

Neighbors rattled by afternoon shooting in east Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A brazen ambush, in the middle of the day. Neighbors hearing shot after shot fired.

"I was standing in my kitchen when I heard about 12 to 20 gunshots," said one neighbor. "I lost count after 12."

Police said around 1:30 p.m. Monday, more than one suspect appeared out of the back yard of a duplex at 1028 Greenwood and opened fire on people sitting on the front porch.

A neighbor across the street, Linda, said what she thought were fireworks at first, turned out to be multiple gunshots.

"15 years I lived here and I've never been this close to shooting in my whole life. Never, " Linda said.

When police arrived, they found one of the victims, 43-year-old Terry Carpenter lying on the ground, shot, near the house.

A second person, 41-year-old James Gordon was found inside the house shot.

And 42-year-old Donnell Burton was grazed by a bullet, wounding his shoulder.

"It's a large crime scene," said Toledo Police Sgt. Kevan Toney. "Detectives are combing through right now and trying to look at all the evidence."

The attack in broad daylight has neighbors here rattled.

"This could have been one of the kids or it could've been one of us on the front porch. Could've been anybody," Linda said. "It's tearing our neighborhood apart. It really is.It's destroying us.  "

Another neighbor, who did not give her name, said the drug activity and crime has become an everyday part of life.

"All the time over here.I have four kids. I worry quite a bit. "

At least two of the shooting victims were taken to the hospital but their conditions have not been released.

Witnesses told police the suspects were in all black with bandanas on their faces.

Police are asking anyone who has information to call Crimestopper: 419-255-1111. You can remain anonymous.

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