Woman dies in Lucas Co. Jail, family wants answers

Woman dies in Lucas Co. Jail, family wants answers

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Questions are swirling after one woman is dead after spending a few hours in the Lucas County Jail.

Lisa McCray,43, was doing what most of us do on Thanksgiving. She was home visiting her mother for the holiday.

Lisa, her friend and mother went to the Hollywood Casino, where things got a little out of hand.

McCray and her friend were both arrested and booked at the Lucas County Jail for disorderly conduct intoxication at the Casino.

Captain Richard Grove with Internal Affairs said after being booked and properly screened, McCray was moved to a holding cell. The reason for this was because she had an incident where she was being disruptive. This is a common practice at the jail.

Inside the holding cell was a working phone, which according to Captain Grove, she used the cord to attempt suicide. A toxicology test is still pending for the final determination.

Grove said he is unsure if any calls were made. But he did say each person who gets booked goes through a medical procedure. McCray didn't show any red flags of being suicidal.

"She was placed in that holding cell. She did have contact with officers. Prior to the incident, she had contact with officers for five to ten minutes. After that contact, about a minute, minute and a half later, Ms. McCray attempted suicide," said Grove.

McCray later died at a nearby hospital within 24 hours after she was booked into the jail.

Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp said it's a tragic incident and it's still an open investigation.

"We are investigating, we feel confident that our officers have done everything that they could possibly do. We feel that with the video we have with what the reports are saying are absolutely true. 'Im confident it will all come out just as we have said," Tharp said.

Lisa's family is questioning the police report.

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