Over weekend house fire reinforces fire safety fundamentals

Over weekend house fire reinforces fire safety fundamentals

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - When crews reported to a scene of a house fire early Sunday morning, they discovered all three floors of the south Toledo home were in flames. Neighbors told arriving emergency crews there was a family of five was inside.

Fortunately the two adults and three children were pulled to safety.

"The Battalion Chief was able to talk to the occupant who stated they had a space heater in one of the front rooms near a couch," said TFD's Pvt. Sterling Rahe.

Pvt. Rahe showed how a chair at 60 degrees can quickly change to 125 degrees in just two minutes when a space heater is near it, by using a thermal imaging camera.

It's important to remember to turn any space heater off  before going to bed and leaving a room. Also plugging them directly into a wall, rather than an extension cord is key as well as place the heater away from furniture or any bedding.

Making sure you turn your space heater off before bed and before you leave the room is a must. 
Also plugging them directly into a wall - rather then an extension cord is key.
And placing the space heater away form furniture and bedding is vital.

The house that caught fire this weekend also did not have any working smoke detectors, which is reinforces the idea of making sure your house has working ones.

You can head to any fire station in Toledo and pick one up, free of charge.

"Smoke alarms save lives. In this case, the residents were lucky to wake up. They said they woke up to smoke and flames in their home. They were very lucky to get out," said Pvt. Rahe.