Library taking non-perishable food in place of fines

Library taking non-perishable food in place of fines

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Anyone with overdue library items at Way Public Library in Perrysburg was off the hook last week. All thanks go to the employees who put together the annual "Food for Fines" Campaign.

"It's a chance for all of our patrons and library users to bring a can of food in, one can of food equals a dollar towards their fines that they've accumulated throughout the past year," said Lynn Fleure with Way Public Library.

To pay off any fines a library goer may have, they had to take their donated food to the circulation desk for inspection and then d rop their items in the grocery cart.

Library employees said they emptied the cart two to three times a day. All donated food was taken to Perrysburg Christians United Food Pantry.

"We usually try to do it right after Thanksgiving when they've been wiped out and so we try to replenish it for Christmas so we try to do it around this time every year," said Fleure.

Shirley Kleist with the Perrysburg Christians United Food Pantry said she's amazed at how many items are donated each year.

"We thought a few items would come in," said Kleist. "It's amazing how many fines there are that people pay with their food, it's great. We appreciate it all, it's wonderful."

Food for Fines started about 15 to 20 years ago. Library employees said roughly 5,000 cans were donated to the food pantry last year.

The library didn't accept items that are expired, dented, damaged, opened,have no labels or are home prepared.

Library officials say they've collected more than a thousand cans this year.

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