Local bank gives reminder about Christmas shopping

Local bank gives reminder about Christmas shopping
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Even though Christmas is more than 12 days away, PNC Bank took the time to figure out exactly how much it would cost to purchase all of the gifts from the popular song.

This year, the grand total is $34,558.65. That is a $200 increase from 2016.

Though most of the items have remained the same price, the pear tree for the partridge, the five golden rings and 10 lord-a-leaping all became more expensive.

And perhaps you may not plan on buying any of these gift, but this may predict prices for your Christmas shopping.

"It will translate generally into the cost that they're going to see but the one thing that we need to remember in online shopping, the cost of delivery, it is more expensive to online shop unless you're getting a great deal, just the cost of delivery and transportation and all of those things." said Bill McDonnell, the regional president of PNC Bank in Toledo.

It's important to keep in mind of the extra costs that come with shopping online, especially on Cyber Monday.

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