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Study: Cinnamon may help attack fat, fight obesity

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Researchers at the University of Michigan may have found a way to help combat obesity.

The new study from the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute was published in the December issue of the journal Metabolism. 

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Their findings showed that cinnamaldehyde, an essential oil that gives cinnamon its flavor, attacks fat cells in humans.

"Cinnamon has been part of our diets for thousands of years, and people generally enjoy it. So, if it can help protect against obesity, too, it may offer an approach to metabolic health that is easier for patients to adhere to,” said Jun Wu, research assistant professor at the LSI.

The research found during a series of tests that the oil boosts metabolic health making fat cells burn energy.

Scientist are declaring it a weight loss treatment, yet they're still at work determining all the benefits and side effects.

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