Gift of Joy makes it easy to bring happiness to foster kids this holiday season

Gift of Joy makes it easy to bring happiness to foster kids this holiday season

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - As you went from store to store today trying to find the best deals, you may have taken the chance to make one child's holiday, very special.

It's easier than ever to help make sure everyone has a great holiday season, including area foster children.

The PNC Gift of Joy drive is happening right now.

It benefits children and teenagers being helped by Lucas County Children Services.

All you have to do is look for one of three trees in the middle of the Franklin Park Mall and take one of the tags that tells you exactly what to buy for an area foster child.

"Case workers at Lucas County Children Services know these families and have helped fill out these tags so it's awesome to see families come to the mall, walk up to the trees, and hand pick a child from the tree to then go and shop for," said Casey Pogan, Marketing Director at the Franklin Park Mall.

This year there were three-hundred and fifty tags, and many of them have already been snatched up.

After you get the gift, you can then drop it off at the donation box near the security office.

When you think toy drives, many people think little kids.

And although it is important to get them gifts, teenagers shouldn't be forgotten either.

"Pink gift cards, and Justice gift cards and Hot Topic; those are really sought after items. If you're not so much a shopper, but want to donate an item, we would welcome that as well," said Pogan.

You can drop the gifts off until December 15th.

Click here for a full list of locations.

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